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Gathering with people is good for us. It provides fun, a sense of belonging and shared experiences that enrich our lives.

With activities and groups for all ages and interests, libraries act as community hubs for everyone.

Get more from your library

Time to talk

Social groups offer the joy of a good chat

Explore interests

Discover a hobby or skill and make new friends

Learn social skills

Free children's activities help them learn how to make friends

Emotional support

Find a group to help you through difficult times

Your community

Being part of a community offers social connection, friendship and support. It’s great for our mental health.

At your library you might find groups for crafters, gardeners, readers, artists, quizzers, slimmers, writers or local historians. Young children enjoy story and rhyme times, and older ones benefit from LEGO clubs, Chatterbooks groups, reading challenges and more.

“Our library is part of the reason we haven’t moved - it’s the central hub of the community.”


Customer, Sandwell Libraries

Frequently asked questions

Q:Why is social contact good for me?

Having a regular slot in your week to spend time with people can make a real difference to how you feel.

Just having a chat can help with self-confidence, cheer you up and give you something to look forward to.

Q:Do I need to join the library to go to events, groups and activities?

Some libraries might ask you to join if you want to go to events, activities and groups. Remember: it’s free to join the library.

Use our library map to find out what your local library offers.

Q:How do libraries help children build social skills?

Children learn social and emotional skills by being around people.

Libraries run free activities and events for children, so there are always new people for them to play with and learn from.

Read more about the social benefits of libraries for children.