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A quote from Neil Gaiman on a green wall of a public library. The quote reads "Libraries really are the gates to the future.". In the foreground a woman is walking away from the camera with a backpack on.

It’s free to join a library, and you can borrow books for free.

And digital formats like e-books, magazines and audiobooks. There's something for every age and interest, with plenty more on offer.

Get more from your library

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You can get free e-books and audiobooks, and digital magazines and journals

A smiling child points at the page of a book.

Fun for youngsters

Lots of libraries offer free activities that help build a love of stories in children and young people

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Order books

Your library can order in books you want to read if they’re not in stock

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Renew from home

Renew your books online or over the phone

Stories bring people together

Reading improves literacy, feeds the imagination and helps relieve stress.

Lots of libraries run activities, events and groups that help people of all ages get into reading. They do this because reading is one of the best things you can do to improve your wellbeing.

“My book group helped me reconnect with the library, reading and people.”


Customer, Gateshead Libraries

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