Learning in librariesEveryone can learn at the library

Learning develops your brain, leads you to opportunity and provides a sense of purpose. Your library is a place where there is always something new to discover, whatever your age or ability.

Learning is free at the library

The library has learning opportunities for people of all ages. There are books, of course - which you can take home for free once you’ve got your library card.

You might not know that the library also offers free help for people who want to learn how to use their devices, find work, research their family history and get a business idea off the ground.

For younger visitors, the library is a safe place to roam and discover what interests them, or join a group activity that teaches them a new skill.

And with songs, rhymes and stories on offer, the modern library can help very little ones pick up the building blocks of language while they have fun.

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Learning in libraries

Learn new skills at the library

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Learning in libraries

Help children learn while having fun

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From early learning to lifelong learning

When you give children opportunities to learn new things, it helps them develop a sense of curiosity. They’re more likely to develop new skills if their learning experience is fun - and the library is a place everyone can enjoy.

For example, taking your kids to rhyme and story groups helps them build language skills - and gives you fresh ideas on how you can help their development.

Humans never lose the ability to learn. Lifelong learning is the practice of continually looking for new ways to build skills and experience.

Research has shown that learning a new skill, at any age, can help you feel more motivated, meet new people and boost your self-confidence. You can do this in informal settings, without the need to sit exams or tests, and your local library might have the story, activity or service to get you started.

Get the most up-to-date information about your library by finding your local library and contacting the staff directly.

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